Xike International was founded in 2008, with main products of mobile phone. Xike International aims at being the No.1 mobilephone brand in the world, and actively s international brand: BML&SICHO.

Sales department of Xike International was founded in HongKong. After 8 years of rapid development,Xike made a giant leap on the sales of mobile phones. In Shenzhen, Xike sold over millions of mobile phones. Xike International has over 100 different typesof mobile phones and increases at an incredible speed like 6 types per month.

Xike International is already a famous brand in the target markets. The customers of Xike aret hroughout the country and the sales internet reaches as far as India, Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Garner, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Thailand, Russia and many other emerging markets.


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